Has The Twelfth Century held the answer all along?


To Your Health: The Premier Jewish Scholar and Bone Broth

The Twelfth Century HAS the answer all along to #health!

Could this be the perfect beginning to a new year?  A nutrient rich, unadulterated, batch of Bone broth?

bone broth soup

Gone are the days of pondering health benefits of Chicken soup. Take a deep breath as you realize a comfort food is not only healthy but the Jewish antibiotic with multiple healing powers.

Maimonides - Spanish philosopher considered the greatest Jewish scholar of the Middle Ages who codified Jewish law in the Talmud (1135-1204)

Egyptian physician, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimonides,  regarded as the foremost Jewish philosopher of the Middle Ages wrote, “The meat taken should be that of hens or roosters and their broth should also be taken because this sort of fowl has virtue in rectifying corrupted humours.”

To think of chicken soup might transport you back to a simpler time when Mom was at home waiting to serve up a bowl of delicious Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup with 890 mg of Sodium.  The twelth century concoction was miles apart from the iconic 1950’s Campbell’s Soup version of healthy chicken soup.



Nutrient rich broth depends on the integrity of the food. To reap all the benefits of your Bone Broth use only Organic ingredients.  Costco sells organic chicken with two packaged together for $15.00. Only $7.50 per chicken!

Cysteine, an amino acid, is released from the chicken as it cooks, carrots are the best source of beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A. Vitamin A arms our white blood cells to prevent and fight off infections destroying harmful bacteria and viruses. The powerful anti-oxidant, quercetin, found in onions is both an anti-histimine and anti-inflammatory.

The simplest of recipes lends a gourmet edge with minimal preparation starting with a whole, organic chicken.

Baby Its Cold Outside



21 degrees, wirh wind chills of 0, calls for a simple delight of Chicken Soup turned gourmet because of delicious, fresh organic ingredients.


BONE BROTH (Beef or Chicken)


1 Whole Organic Chicken, neck and all. Chicken feet are used for the most nutrient rich Bone Broth.

Filtered water

1 Tbsp Himalayan Salt

2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Bay leaf

4 cloves of garlic

1 small  yellow onion

3 celery stalks

2 carrots


Place the organic chicken in a pressure cooker with filtered water. Add Himalayan salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, bay leaf, garlic, onion, celery, and carrots. Cook under pressure for one hour on low medium steam. Cool completely. Refrigerate over night up to 24 hours.

Strain Bone broth completely removing all ingredients including the chicken. Shred the chicken and set aside. If you are going to wait until the next day to cook the chicken soup, I recommend putting the shredded chicken in the freezer to retain as many nutrients as possible.

Broth will appear rich with thick nutritious gelatin. If you plan to use the Bone broth the next day, store in the refrigerator. For a later date, store in freezer.

**A slow cooker can be used. Cook for approximately 16 hours.



Shredded chicken from the organic chicken

3 quarts of Bone Broth

1 yellow onion, chopped

1 Bay leaf

4 carrots diced (Try the divine Parisian carrots found in the frozen section at Trader Joe’s-beyond delicious!)

1 Tblp minced ginger

1/2 Tblp Sea Salt

1 tsp Black Pepper

1 Tblp ground Oregano OR (My secret ingredient- 1/2 cup Kirklands organic No Salt Seasoning – a blend of 21 spices and ingredients from around the world phenomenol!)

1 Tblp grated ginger

1 Green bell pepper

2 celelry stalks

1 onion

1 bunch of parsley or cilantro

photo 2

My Secret Weapon- BAM!


Add first 8 ingredients.

Dice and Saute green bell pepper, 2 celery stalks, and one onion in olive oil until translucent, approx 5 minutes. Add to soup. ( Chef’s refer to this as the “trinity” because it is the basic recipe to multiple dishes.) Bring soup to simmering and turn to low. Cook on low for approximately 2 hours. Remove from heat and stir in parsley. Let rest fo 15 to 20 minutes. Ready to nourish your body in 12th century style? Serve yourself and sit back to reap the benefits.

Parsnips, Turnips, Sweet potatoes are superb choices for your own designer Chicken Soup.

Healing benefits of ingredients:⁠1

  1. Onions -contain protein, calcium, sulfur, vitamin A, B complex, C and E. They contain sulfur compounds and have anti-inflammatory effects. Like garlic, onions have the antibiotic oil- allicin, which gives them their pungent flavor.
  2. Garlic-has powerful antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties . Is being used for boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, assisting in treatment of heart disease, and cancer and lowering cholesterol.
  3. Sweet potato– excellent source of vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C ,manganese, copper, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, potassium and iron. Having significant antioxidant capacities, they stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance.
  4. Parsnips– a good source of the antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E, which help to boost the immune system, plus they’re a good source of fibre, which protects against colon cancer and helps maintain healthy bowels. Parsnips are a good to reduce high blood pressure, because they have a high potassium content.
  5. Turnips– are rich in beta-carotene and protect mucous membranes (especially in the lungs and intestinal tract) from cancer and free-radical damage. Also high in vitamin C, indoles, calcium and other minerals.
  6. Carrots– Carrots, one of the routine vegetable ingredients found in chicken soup, are the best natural source of beta-carotene. The body takes that beta-carotene and converts it to vitamin A. Vitamin A helps prevent and fight off infections by enhancing the actions of white blood cells that destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.
  7. Celery – carminative, diuretic, tonic, nervine. Used to promote restfulness and sleep, celery is also excellent for relieving rheumatism and gout. Its high magnesium and iron content is invaluable as a food for blood cells. Because of its anitspasmodic properties, celery is good for all lund conditions, including asthma and bronchitis.
  8. Parsley – contains two components that provide unique health benefits- 1. volatile oils-including myristicin, limonene, eugenol, and alpha-thujene. 2. flavonoids- including apiin, apigenin, crisoeriol, and luteolin. The activity of parsley’s volatile oils qualifies it as a “chemoprotective” food- a food that can neutralize particular types of carcinogens (like benzopyrenes from cigarette and charcoal grill smoke).
  9. Sea Salt– natural balance of sodium, magnesium and potassium- helps to lower blood pressure and promote good health. Mineral salts create electrolytes, the sparks of life- carry electrical currents to cells throughout the body. Electrolytes are necessary for enzyme production. Enzymes are responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, muscle function, hormone production, etc. Electrolytes and enzymes are linked to healthy immune function, proper regulation of bodily fluids, and adrenal health.
  10. Black pepper– contains volatile oils, alkaloids, proteins and minerals. It has the following healing actions: circulatory stimulant, diuretic, cerebral stimulant, reduces infection, diaphoretic (induces sweating), astringent (tightens mucous membranes) and stimulates sinuses to drain.⁠2

Freeze a family batch. Freeze several one serving containers. This becomes your safeguard on days when convenience and lack of time overrule healthy eating. This simple preparation will ensure healthy eating choices. Pyrex makes wonderful glass containers safe for freezers, ovens, and microwaves. By running hot water on the outside of the frozen glass container, the soup will loosen easily ready for the stove.

Delicious Bone Broth is the beginning to this promising 2014 year. Each morning is a prominsing beginning. Livng to our full potential includes making  healthy choices in each aspect of our life. This is but one to help detox our bodies of harmful chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

I hope you learn something new as you make your elixir. Please consider sharing your new found knowledge with me. I look forward to learning from you!


Sharon Nicholson Gudger

1 Healing benefits of ingredient list- Source naturalnews.com : http://www.naturalnews.com/021260.html#ixzz2rIXnX7wR

2 “Granny Earth is an avid gardener and herbalist, and has a Doctorate in Naturopathy.  “Healthy Recipes from Granny’s Cupboard.” For more recipes for food and medicines made from weeds, look for Granny Earth’s first book, “Do it Yourself Weed Medicine,” available at www.GrannyEarth.com