Calming Rituals in a Chaotic World

I adore rituals – morning coffee,  gatherings of family and friends, all night sessions of soul sharing, lifetime friendships, quiet moments of reflection.

Rituals are inclusive of  beginnings –  each new school year, reoccurring anticipation of joyful Summer plans, anticipation of Autumn’s brisk air of raining leaves, Winter Solstice of woolen coats, scarves and gloves, awaiting the new birth of each Spring blossom. The unspoken thought that each new beginning is God’s provision for do overs of rituals past.

One of the most significant of beginnings is upon us – the celebratory season of thankfulness and the precious gift of our Savior, our Deliverer, our Rescuer. Rituals fill our homes with brightly wrapped packages, door wreaths, Christmas decorations, as we fill our nostrils with freshly cut trees and savory cuisine permeating our senses. Wrapping packages, post office lines, crowded grocery stores, dry turkeys, failed recipes, await us at every turn.

The realization for another chance to acknowledge God’s generous gift in a spiritual ritual with those we love. Families carrying on the tradition of our Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, with mostly unspoken thoughts of -often unprecedented – traditions passed from generation to generation.  Through the family secrets (which really aren’t secrets at all), hurt feelings of times gone by, I choose to believe our true selves come to light as we give our love, our energy, our focus, to God’s given time of sowing.

The approaching season of loved ones laughter, cheerful decor, joyfully wrapped Christmas packages, savory meals of pureness and love generate renewed energy, once again bringing the most important realization that this is yet another God given opportune trice to create special moments of delectable tastes for body and soul to be etched forever in a lifetime of memories for generations to come.

Seize the moment. Adore the ritual. Love the gatherings. What makes these moments worth it in the end is because these moments make the end. I believe our true legacy is wrapped up in these exact points in time.

Rituals are God’s gift of peace. With every ritual,  God’s arm is around me pouring peace in my soul as I step away from this chaotic world to bask in every small blessing moment meant for joy. Choose joy. Choose sowing. Choose celebration.

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