For as long as I can remember, I sought out the extraordinary in the most ordinary of days. 


I find myself embracing with passion each endeavor, no matter the task. It’s not necessarily planned strategy, it’s mostly the southern girl in me who strives to perfection in the simplest of undertakings. Often failing miserably amongst imperfections, yet constantly rewarded as just around the corner a most extraordinary experience awaits. I approach these brief moments impetuously but controlled. My strong belief system comes from a long lineage of passionate, devoted family built on a solid foundation. I pursue holistic living as a matter of qualitative life, enabling me to bring all parts of life into an intimate interconnected whole. I learn each day. Experiencing the notable junctures in life and putting forth a bit more effort, I’ve learned to pay attention so as not to miss rather remarkable upturns of  my  ordinary days.  By continuing this path, I find the joy and amazement is never lacking, and in fact, is energizing.

Cashmere is “anything with especially good qualities or characteristics; something run efficiently or smoothly.” I find this a noteworthy goal. I hope to add to your ordinary days as I do to mine, as well as learn from you.

Small moments are often overlooked. Yet those may be our extraordinary moments we remember later on. Together, let’s explore  the best portions of our lives as we come to realize these small, seemingly unimportant moments, are the extraordinary moments which define us. 

  Sharon Nicholson Gudger

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